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Newmark Group Inc. is an American company and a major commercial real estate advisory firm. It operates by Newmark Knight Frank and is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol "NMRK".

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Hostile environment, unrealistic deadlines and poor use of employee strengths and skills. Also, lots of Micromanaging. Newmark is not a good place to work".


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Ex-funcionário - Consultor Sênior says

"Empresa internacional, mas como é uma franquia, a gestão é local e totalmente baseada em egocentrismo e não existe meritocracia. Salário e benefícios são os mais baixos do mercado, mas na entrevista te prometem aumento depois de alguns meses e bônus ilimitado... Mas na verdade nenhum broker recebe bônus... O bônus é apenas os sócios/diretores Gestores não assumem responsabilidades, sempre culpam os consultores. Clima muito pesado e com uma das maiores rotatividades do mercado."

Ex-funcionário - Funcionário confidencial says

"Gestores não sabem o que é gerir, não existe feedback, cultura de apontar dedos, não importa o trabalho feito, quem vai subir de cargo é quem tem amizade com os gestores, salário e benéficos muito abaixo do mercado."

Funcionário atual - Consultor Pleno says

"- Faixa salarial - Instalações físicas - Investe pouco em tecnologia"

Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The Help Desk mgr is the worst mgr I’ve ever worked with. He’s hostile plays favoritism and sets you up to fail. This is definitely a hostile working environment and would never recommend it!"

Building Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Being treated differently as keurig employees Held to a different standard Always doing favors instead of tickets listen to a boss who doesn't have your best interest at heart"

Senior Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Treats their employees like garbage. No structure. No training for new programs that get rolled out. Inconsistency throughout offices. So many tools to do your job, but NONE of them work properly. If you're not a broker, you're not important. Health insurance is absolutely TERRIBLE. Basically: No structure, takes advantage of it's employees by constantly adding new tasks and workload without compensation, not competitive pay, poor management, not a challenge, no career advancement, no training, and company does not want to spend money on much needed employees -Disconnected management -Unclear leadership structure -Lack of flexibility -Low employee to broker ratio -Heavy workload -Company overs up any misconduct, gender/racial discriminationgood teamates"

Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"Not a good company, extremely stressful, employees are belittled by regional managers, poor behavior is accepted and enabled and when it's brought to the attention of leaders, you become a target for termination!weekends offpoor leadership, inept HR leaders"

Property Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible pay, horrible management style. I learned that the work/life balance is more important than pay or working for a boss that is constantly negative."

Building Engineer (Current Employee) says

"If you have ever read the inmates are running the asylum, this is the real estate, management, and developers version. They hire wrong, keep wrong and promote wrong, promote ridiculousness whenever possible and don't recognize talent."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Work environment with people was good. Although this company do not care about their employees. I was a contract employee though very well versed and years of experience, did not receive proper training and support. Turnover is very high. Very unstable and unqualified staff. Schedule would be changed on a weekly basis and often last minute changes to where you can't plan any pto. Supervisor is unqualified and insecure.Nice environmentPoor. Benefits, insecure & unknowledgeable supervisor & staff. Weekly schedule changes."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Someone should use this workplace for a reality TV show. Do not accept employment with this company. It has a terrible culture of no teamwork, back stabbing and dishonesty. Senior management tolerates and supports these behaviors. HR protects and keeps bad employees. They pay poorly and do not contribute anything towards the 401K. Do not expect any type of raise either.paycheckTerrible culture of dishonesty and blaming others"

Regional Management (Current Employee) says

"Company supports unethical behavior of upper Mgmt such as EMD, & when it's brought to HR attention, excuses are the answer thereby placing them, HR, in the same boat... Daily swearing, bullying, intimidation & purpose driven negativity!! Retaliatory Results when issues are brought to the TOP!!! These are "FACTS" & NOT opinions!!!leaving dailyS.S.D.D = Same S&#* Different Day!RUN FROM THIS COMPANY!!! THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE TO WORK FOR!!!"

CRE (Former Employee) says

"Work was long hours with not enough pay. Played favorites and goes back on severance package."

Property Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Don't even waste your time with this company. The first week that I was there, I had a total of 5 hours of sporadic training with someone who was extremely inpatient, and would not help me in the future. The accounts that you are handling have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of funds, or more. I was told from a multitude of people that have been there, there is no training. Most of them had to go on previous paperwork. This is not fair to employees and more importantly, it's not good for the client. My boss was gone the first week. When she returned, I found out that she was talking behind my back. I've had plenty of G/L experience prior to working here. I was expecting training. There is NONE. The second week, I was told that I should look at the prior folders and "Be able to fly." My manager was mad if I asked a question, if I asked other accountants for help, would constantly roll her eyes at me, and as I mentioned before~ talked behind my back. I was called into the assistant controller's office and he asked me if "I still wanted to work here." I told him there is no organization, I did not have formal training, my manager was the epitome of non professional, and the person's accounts that I took over was not willing to help me. This is and I quote- "I am not going to fund someone to sit here with you for a week for training." Great! So he stared at me. I got up and left. He started screaming... I went back to the office. After that he stared at me, I asked if he was done talking. He said yes, and I left. PROFESSIONAL! I was asked to thinkNoneWell, I can name one accounting manager who should not be in management, unprofessional atmosphere, lack of training, unreal expectations"

Executive (Former Employee) says

"Really and truly this is a place just for a paycheck, at least Newmark Knight Frank Multifamily Florida. Hostile environment, unrealistic deadlines and poor use of employee strengths and skills. Also, lots of Micromanaging."

Human Resources Department (Former Employee) says

"Very toxic environment, everyone is in it for themselves and HR does not defend its employees. The structure as well is horrible, avoid at all costs. You either have to be family or friends in order to make it up the ladder. Please find something else and do not work here for the benefit of your career."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"They never provided guidance on targets, changed management every 6 months, and their method of hitting targets by senior management was to eliminate positions. The current management will receive bonuses, while others are found without a job, because they have no idea on how to run the business. My recommendation would be to leave the company or never go to work for such a place. I wish that I had known how disfunctional the company was prior to joining."

Research & Development Delivery Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is a contract maintenance company that will say "yes" to any would-be client so they can get the account. This was one of the worst companies to work for and one of my worst work experiences ever. They had made many promises and when you confronted them about it, they would not even answer your e-mails. If you are looking for a company that has no communication skills and no direction, then this company is for you. I packed up my office things at the beginning of the year because I wasn't sure what day I was going to walk out and quit. I literally hated coming into work every day. Needless to say, I do not work there any more and I feel great!Lack of management and lack of communication"

Senior Property Manager (Current Employee) says

"i started as the replacemennt for somone who had the property fot 6 years . This is her bbaby and there is nothing I can do right."

FRONT DESK COORDINATOR (Former Employee) says

"While the job itself was fairly easy, the culture here was a killer. The manager played favorites and would lie directly to your face. I even spoke with HR about several people and was told "yeah, we've had an issue with this employee for a while".. how it that acceptable? The only good part was the time off being paid, otherwise, unless you want to be degraded on a daily basis, avoid this place."

Building Engineer (Former Employee) says

"In two years their was 13 managers quit in 6 months very poor management company very controlling did not care for the employee left out contract employees who will sign on with new ownership never work for this company you will be miserable operation manager.NoneNone"

H.V.A.C Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management is unprofessional and treat the employees terrible. I have worked in the commercial building Engineering environment for 30 years, this company has no perks for their employees. The benefit package they offer is so expensive and will cost you alot out of your pocket.nonehealthcare"

Facilities Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"you come to work your perform your duties you earn your time off you provide professional demeanor you stay away from drama you try not to provide negative comments your work hardN/aN/a"

Brian Lauro says

"I bought tickets to Grace Potter at Mission Ballroom Denver CO. Show is "postponed indefinitely" they refuse to refund my $210.69"

Joel Hoffmann says

"I purchased ticket insurance on my tickets from them . They only would give me half the price back which was about 250$ . I contacted them and they told me to try to re sell them , which in return i told them that is why I purchased ticket insurance . Thankfully I used pay pal to buy them so hopefully I will be refunded in full. Don’t buy tickets from them ! Scam"

Raul Colon says

"Scam basically impossible to get refunded for a concert postponed for a year. Never again."

Lee says

"Deceptive practices. I take the responsibility for not realizing that the browser search I did for tickets for Pantages directed me to the wrong place and I like an idiot paid twice as much for tickets as I should have. BUT then all touring shows were canceled and I was due full refund. First they said they rep for some other outfit and they had yet to receive notice of cancelation. Meanwhile Ticketmaster and all reputable outlets had already refunded customers. I sent them the link to all the canceled shows and then they said oh sure but will take 30 days to process credit. What??? No way. I opened a case with PayPal and ticket shysters told me not to escalate. Like I should trust them that they processed my refund. Bull. They are seriously slimy. From the website misdirect to the overcharge to the theft of my money (over $1700 by the way). Run, don’t walk, away from these thieves." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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